Monday, May 16, 2011

Hippy Dippy

I'm not sure I'm sold on the maxi-dress thing. I got this one this morning (50% off at value village today) and the fit and pattern are good but that long length still gets me. I might hem it. I thought I'd take some pictures first; don't want to rush into such commitment yet. I had a much more majestic area planned to take these photos but on my way I was attacked my mosquitos the size of minivans. I had to run home and spray myself down then attempt to go out again. I didn't make it as far... backyard will have to do.

This weeks been a weird week. Lots of me questioning what I want to do with my life, love, career, everything. Don't worry, I wont get all deep on you... Any words of wisdom to pass along??

dress - value village
belt - thrifted
hat - the bay
shoes - spring


  1. i cant wait to get off work and go straight to value village tonight haha

    I hope you found some goodies - maxi looks great on ya! Love the lovely florals pattters, looks very darling :)

    xo Nav

  2. i think the maxi really suits you! the way you've pulled it in with the belt looks fab too :) ronan x

  3. that dress looks so good, definitely suits you!! maxis take a bit of time to get used to because they're so different from the length our generation is accustomed to wearing! but i'm coming around to the idea of them now and this one looks splendid on you :) x

  4. such a fun hat! love the color. love the maxi on you. :)

  5. I think the maxi looks great - especially how you've belted it. As for the other, I have an existential crisis of one kind or another pretty much every six months or so (my latest one was prompted by the fact that I graduate with my PhD next year and the job market is pure shit so I may be moving back to Edmonton to live in my parent's place for several years and work at a job I hate simply because I can't get work doing what I've been training for 8 years now to do!) so my advice is that introspection and meditating on the future is always good but don't take to excess - at a certain point those thoughts will eat you alive if you let them and you have to appreciate living in the moment as much as possible!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. That is a lovely maxi dress, the pattern is really cute! I wish I could've gone to VV today and checked it out, but I have decided to put myself on a shopping ban. I will be allowed to thrift again in a month or so.
    I always question what I'm going to do with my life, I don't know what to tell you. It's difficult

  7. cute! i think the length is great :) and the hat is sooooo adorable. i neeeed it.

    awesome processing too.. looks so pretty and dreamy!

  8. I think that maxi dress looks wonderful on you! The floral pattern is perfect. I've actually been wanting to try out some longer length skirts and dresses as well, so hopefully I'll be able to find one on the cheap just to try out the trend :)
    As for advice, well, I can at least tell you I've been in the same boat lately and that everything will work out, because you'll never settle for something that isn't exactly what you want in life!

  9. Aww the maxi dress looks great on you! I love how you styled it! As much as I want one, I still have a fear of committing to a maxi :/

    Oh man, I wish I had some words of wisdom to pass along but I am going through something entirely similar. Good luck and I hope everything falls into place for you soon.

  10. Shy you look awesome in your maxi! So cute! And don't worry about the rest, it'll sort itself out... I promise! xx

  11. I love your maxi dress! It looks fabulous on you. of course, currently, I am obsessed with the 70s.
    PS, finally posted something on my blog after 9 long weeks. Even showed my personal style. Of course it hardly compares to your fantastic photographs:)

  12. 50% off day is easily my favourite thing when thrifting! I was hesitant with the idea of maxi dresses but I really love the way you wear it! The way you processed your photos is pretty amazing too.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  13. I love these photos and the dress, yay no snow! Haha!

  14. This dress has such a cute floral pattern ^^ I love it! and I am not a maxi girl dress either. I always feel pretty weird in them! x

  15. i think it looks perfect on you.
    i feel the same way sometimes about maxi dresses bc i think i am to short for them..but, i still wear them. :P
    and 50% off..why not!!!
    have a wonderful week beautiful.

  16. The floral pattern and colour is glorious! Love it :)

    I've found that when it comes to direction in life as long as you keep your eyes open all sorts of opportunities come along. When they feel right, go for them. Taking the long and windy road is much more fun than having a clear goal. I always forget about the present when I am busy planning my future :)

  17. i love that hat and think that dress is amazing!

  18. I recently found your blog and everything about it is amazing! You have great style! :)

  19. The dress looks lovely on you, I know what you mean about the whole hippy vibes but hope you keep it! I don't have any words of wisdom to pass on as I'm in a similar situation myself! x

  20. I think this dress is perfect on you. I feel the same way though...being only 5'2, I'm not sure if it's a faux pas for me.
    I love how summery and romantic your whole ensemble is. Makes me want to go on a picnic.
    As for words of wisdom..I'm at a crossroads now too. It's hard and confusing at times but keep your heart open. Don't limit yourself. (Sorry if that sounds cliche). Best wishes!! xx Marisa


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