Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Sickness

glasses / skirt / shoes / coat
I am in love with this coat. It's so simple. It's convincing me to like asymmetrical, I'm more of an symmetrical type person. Unfortunately this is sold out. I guess I waited to long thinking about buying it. Maybe when they get more I'll dress it up with these other beautiful finds! Including those glasses. Personally, I love wearing my glasses. I'd like to get my hands on some cat eyes like those.

So yesterday I got a cold and it has not let up. I haven't really felt like getting out of my pajamas, let alone getting dressed up to take some outfit pics. Tomorrow I am actually going out of town though, which I haven't done all summer, so I'll be sure to grab some pics here and there!

On the upside to being sick I have gotten alot of use outta these beauties below! I am all about knee-highs this fall and wooly knee-highs are just a must here. ( it's going to be -10 C tonight AND snowflakes were falling this afternoon...) I envision myself wearing my woolies with some tights and leather boots. I actually don't own a pair of high boots to my dismay because I have fat calfs and I just cant find any that will fit! But I will never give up my search.

(the first boots always make me think of Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer)

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